Year 2024, Vol. 71, No. 2

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Year 2024, Vol. 71, No. 2
Editor-in-Chief: Franc Perdih
Web Release Date: 20.6.2024


About the cover: 17βHSD1 represents an emerging drug target for breast cancer treat-ment. Here, an efficient protocol for expression, purification and activity screening of human recombinant 17βHSD1 from is described, which can be used as a ready source of enzyme for screening new 17βHSD1 inhibitors.

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Applied chemistry

Validation of an Isocratic HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Major Phytosterols in Prunus spinosa L. extracts

Hurija Džudžević-Čančar, Alema Dedić, Amra Alispahić, Ivan Špánik

Pages: 305-313

Modification of PVA Nanofiber by Simple Hot Water Treatment and Application on the Removal of Malachite Green Dye From Aqueous Solutions

Banaz Arshad Abdulghafar, Suhad A. Yasin; Nawzad S. Saadi

Pages: 398-408

New Compounds Derived from Nitrophenol Synthesis, Structural investigation and anticorrision Properties

Ali Mahdi Farhan, Hanaa Kadtem Egzar, Hawraa Mahdi Alabidi

Pages: 179-185

A Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity Evaluation of Novel Quinoline Derivatives as Antibacterial Drug

Maryam Jamaal, Prof. Dr. Mohammed Oday Ezzat

Pages: 319-324

A mat based on PVA doped with TiO2 nanoparticles for removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous solution and improving the carbon footprint

Salah Abdullah, Aseel Alwan, Atheer Majeed , Suhad Yasin

Pages: 409-420

Biomedical applications

In Silico Exploration of Molecular Mechanisms for Inhibiting Inflammatory Responses by 3Н-Thiazolo[4,5-b]pyridin-2-one Derivatives

Olena Klenina

Pages: 264-287

Succinyl Curcumin Conjugated Chitosan Polymer-Prodrug Nanomicelles: A Potential Treatment for Type-II Diabetes in Diabetic Balb/C Mice

Rahaman Sk Mosiur, Gouranga Dutta, Ranu Biswas, Abimanyu Sugumaran, Mohamed M. Salem, Mohammed Gamal, Mohamed AbdElrahman, Mounir M. Salem-Bekhit

Pages: 421-435

Biochemistry and molecular biology

1H-Indole-2,3-dione 3-thiosemicarbazones carrying a 4-sulfamoylphenyl moiety with selective antiviral activity against reovirus-1

Füsun Göktaş, Gizem Nur Duran, Mehmet Özbil, Özge Soylu-Eter, Nilgün Karalı

Pages: 215-225

Expression and purification of active human 17β-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 from Escherichia coli

Sofija S. Bekić, Jovana J. Plavša, Miha Pavšič, Brigita Lenarčič, Edward T. Petri, Andjelka S. Ćelić

Pages: 256-263

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

The reusage of different wastes by using the multiple’s effect technique for sustainable gasoline production

Anita Kovač Kralj

Pages: 388-397

Effects of the extraction conditions on functional and structural characteristics of proteins from fenugreek seeds

Hilal Isleroglu, Gamze Nur Olgun

Pages: 204-214

Extraction and characterization of nanocellulose from waste of date palm "Phoenix dactylifera″ as reinforcement of polymer composites

Nebia Bouzidi, Meriem Kadri, Toufik Chouana, Hakim Belkhalfa, Abdellah Henni, Youcef Bouhadda

Pages: 186-196

Graphene Oxide/Polyamidoamine G4 as a High Efficient and Eco-Friendly Adsorbent for Dichromate Ions

Razieh Shekari Moghadam, Babak Samiey, Jiang Ning Wu

Pages: 363-379

Inorganic chemistry

Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Catalytic Oxidation Property of Two Oxidovanadium(V) Complexes with Schiff bases

Yan Lei, Qiwen Yang, Xiuchan Xiao, Ya Liu

Pages: 288-294

A new multifunctional phenanthroline-derived probe for colorimetric sensing of Fe2+ and fluorometric sensing of Zn2+

Chen-Yu Qi, Xue Dong, Ying-Cui Fan, Jun-Ru Yuan, Zi-Jie Song, Yong-Han Zhang, Ya-Ping Xie, Feng Yang, Jian-Ping Ma, Meng Wang, Jie Qin

Pages: 295-303

Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Activity of Copper(II) Complexes with the Ligand N,N’-Bis(4-bromosalicylidene)propane-1,2-diamine

Yu-Mei Hao, Chang-Chun Sun

Pages: 304-311

Preparation, Structures, Photoluminescence and Semiconductive Properties of Two Novel Lanthanide Mercury Materials with a 3-D Framework Structure

Wen-Tong Chen, Hao-Dong Liu, Xi-Yu Shao, Yu-Yue Xu, Cheng Liu, Sheng-Ping Dai, Chang-Wang Pan

Pages: 380-387

Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Urease Inhibition of Copper(II) and Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from N,N’-Bis(4-bromosalicylidene)-1,3-propanediamine

Hai-Ying Chen, Rundong Lu, Jinkai Lei, Jiacheng Liu, Chi Liu, Liuxiu Chen, Wu Chen

Pages: 236-243

Synthesis, characterization and biological applications of substituted indolo[2,1-b]quinazolin-12(6H)-one based rhenium(I) organometallic compounds

Aelvish Padariya, Nirbhay K. Savaliya, Milan P. Dhaduk, Ravi A. Dabhi, Bhupesh S. Bhatt, Vaibhav D. Bhatt, Mohan N. Patel

Pages: 334-352

Organic chemistry

Synthesis of Bifunctional Amine-Squaramide Organocatalysts Derived from 3-((Dimethylamino)methylene)camphor

Uroš Grošelj, Luka Ciber, Helena Brodnik, Franc Požgan, Jurij Svete, Bogdan Štefane

Pages: 312-318

Synthesis, antibacterial and antibiofilm activity of new 1,2,3,5-tetrazine derivatives from coupling reactions of diazonium salt of 2-amino-6-nitrobenzothiazole with diverse substituted 2-aminobenzothiazole derivatives

Joseph Tsemeugne, Yetiny Atuh Bah, Ulrich Joel Tsopmene, Armelle Tontsa Tsamo, Jérôme Ndefo Ndefonganga, Pierre Mkounga, Emmanuel Fondjo Sopbué, Jean Paul Dzoyem, Augustin Ephrem Nkengfack

Pages: 353-362

Physical chemistry

QSRR modeling of lipophilicity of new spirohydantoin derivatives determined with various TLC systems

Kristina Tot, Anita Lazić, Tatjana Djaković Sekulić

Pages: 226-235

Insight into the interaction of quinizarin with SDS micelles – effects of additives

Ana Maria Toader, Petruta Oancea, Izabella Dascalu, Mirela Enache

Pages: 197-203

Conformational Stability of 3-aminopropionitrile: DFT and Ab initio Calculations

Ashraf Al Msiedeen

Pages: 244-255

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Pages: S49-S74