Year 2023, Vol. 70, No. 1

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Year 2023, Vol. 70, No. 1
Editor-in-Chief: Franc Perdih
Web Release Date: 20.3.2023


About the cover: The year 2023 marks the publication of the 70th volume of the Acta Chimica Slovenica issued by Slovenian Chemical Society. Volume 1 appeared in 1954 as Vestnik Slovenskega kemijskega društva (Bulletin of the Slovenian Chemical Society) and the name was changed into Acta Chimica Slovenica with vol 40 (1993). More details are presented in the Editorial.


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Seventy Years of Acta Chimica Slovenica.

Branko Stanovnik
Chairman of the advisory editorial board


Analytical chemistry

An Amphiphilic Star-Shaped Polymer (Star-PEG-PCL2) used as a Stationary Phase for GC

Ruo-nan Chen, Zhi-qiang Cai, Wei Zhang, Qiu-chen Huang, Wei Li, Ke-yun Jin, Yi Zhao, Ge Feng, Tao Sun

Pages: 1-11

Carbon-Paste Electrode Modified by β-Cyclodextrin as Sensor for Determination of Sunset Yellow FCF and Ponceau 4R in Soft Drinks

Konstantin Pliuta, Denys Snigur

Pages: 163-171

Biomedical applications

Determination of Copper at Extended Dose Levels of Copper (II)-acetylsalicylate and Pharmacokinetics Applications

Muhammad Sher, Muhammad Ajaz Hussain, Shahzad Hassan Khan, Muhammad Naeem-ul-Hassan, Muhammad Amin, Hafeezullah Khan

Pages: 86-90

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Oxidative Brain Injury Induced by Amiodarone in Rats: Protective Effect of S‐methyl Methionine Sulfonium Chloride

Ismet Burcu Turkyilmaz

Pages: 131-138

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Comparison of Kinetics of Adsorption of Permanganate on Co-Al-Layered Double Hydroxide and MoS2 Nanocompounds

Shahin Ghobadi, Babak Samiey, Enis Esmaili, Chil-Hung Cheng

Pages: 44-58

Ibuprofen as an Organic Pollutant in the Danube and Effects on Aquatic Organisms

Nevena Grujić-Letić, Emilia Gligorić, Branislava Teofilović, Milan Vraneš, Slobodan Gadžurić

Pages: 59-64

Biotreatability Improvement of Antibiotic-Contaminated Waters: High Efficiency of Direct Ozonation in Comparison to Hydroxyl Radical Oxidation

gor Bosevski, Andreja Žgajnar Gotvajn

Pages: 65-73

The Effect of Different Numerical Approaches on the Accuracy of Calculating Relaxation Spectra for Polysaccharides

Anatolij Nikonov, Urška Florjančič

Pages: 91-100

Corrosion Inhibition Behavior and Adsorption Mechanism of Ethyl Acetate Extract from Scorzonera Undulata for Carbon Steel in 1 M HCl Solution

Asma Soudani, Harkati Brahim, Nadjem Abdelkader, Gouasmia Abdelkrim

Pages: 111-121

General chemistry

Kinetic Studies, Antioxidant Activities, Enzyme Inhibition Properties and Molecular Docking of 1,3-Dihydro-1,3-Dioxoisoindole Derivatives

Hasan Yakan, Seyhan Ozturk, Elvan Uyar Tolgay, Semiha Yenigun, Sarmad Marah, Tugrul Doruk, Tevfik Ozen, Halil Kutuk

Pages: 29-43

Inorganic chemistry

Syntheses, Characterization, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Activity of Copper(II), Nickel(II) and Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from 5-Bromo-2-((cychlopentylimino)methyl)phenol

Li Zhang, Xiao-Yang Qiu, Shu-Juan Liu

Pages: 12-20

Potentiometric Study of the Dissociation and the Metal Complex-formation Competence of 5-(3,3-dimethyl-1-triazeno)-imidazole-4-carboxamide (Dacarbazine)

Hasan Atabey, Faisal Naji Al-Obaidi, Hayati Sari

Pages: 21-28

Interaction of Copper(II) Complexes of Bidentate Benzaldehyde Nicotinic Acid Hydrazones with BSA: Spectrofluorimetric and Molecular Docking Approach

Adnan Zahirović, Irnesa Osmanković, Amar Osmanović, Aleksandar Višnjevac, Amina Magoda, Selma Hadžalić, Emira Kahrović

Pages: 74-85

Novel Antioxidants Based on Selected 3d Metal Coordination Compounds with 2-Hydroxybenzaldehyde 4,S-Diallylisothiosemicarbazone

Vasilii Graur, Anastasia Mardari, Pavlina Bourosh, Victor Kravtsov, Irina Usataia, Ianina Ulchina, Olga Garbuz, Aurelian Gulea

Pages: 122-130

Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Urease Inhibition of Zinc Complexes Derived from 4-Chloro-2-(((2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)ethyl)imino)methyl)phenol

Jian Jiang, Yao Liu, Bo Liu, Yijin Wang, Zhonglu You

Pages: 139-147

Trinuclear Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from N,N'-Bis(5-bromosalicylidene)-1,2-cyclohexanediamine: Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Activity

Guo-Xu He, Xue-Yao Guo, Ling-Wei Xue

Pages: 148-154

Methyl Maltolate and Ethyl Maltolate Coordinated Oxidovanadium(V) Complexes with N’-(2-Hydroxy-5-methylbenzylidene)-4-trifluoromethylbenzohydrazide: Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Catalytic Epoxidation Property

Zhongduo Xiong, Ping Zhang

Pages: 155-162

Organic chemistry

Copper and Magnetic Activated Carbon Nanocomposites: Application as Recoverable Catalyst for C–S Coupling Reaction

Vajihe Nejadshafiee, Ehsan Ghonchepour, Hojatollah Khabazzadeh, Shahrzad Mahdavi Aliabad, Fatemeh Hassani Bagheri, Mohammad Reza Islami

Pages: 101-110

Society news (Društvene vesti)


Pages: S1-S44