Year 2021, Vol. 68, No. 4

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Year 2021, Vol. 68, No. 4
Editor-in-Chief: Ksenija Kogej
Web Release Date: 15. 12. 2021

About the cover: Electroporation is the method to increase the permeability of the cell membrane by high-voltage electric pulses. Electroporation is progressively used for internalization of various molecules into the cells in oncology and gene therapy, or extraction of molecules in biotechnology. It is also used as tissue ablation method and in food technology. (page 753)

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Feature Article

The Good and the Bad of Cell Membrane Electroporation

Katja Balantič, Damijan Miklavčič, Igor Križaj, Peter Kramar

Pages: 753-764

Analytical chemistry

Square-wave voltammetric sensing of Lawsone (2-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone) based on the enhancement effect of cationic surfactant on anodically pretreated boron-doped diamond electrode

Pinar Talay Pinar, Yavuz Yardim, Zühre Şentürk

Pages: 1027-1032

Identification of Phytochemicals from the Water Extract of Eurycoma longifolia Roots using Solid-Liquid and Liquid-Liquid Extraction Based Fractionation Techniques

Lee Suan Chua, Abirame Segaran, Hoi Jin Wong

Pages: 765-772

Model Electrochemical Biosensor for the Detection of Methanol in Aqueous Solutions with Yeast Cells

Zala Štukovnik, Urban Bren, Martin Rozman

Pages: 773-780

Applied chemistry

Electrochemical Oxidation of Different Therapeutic Classes of Pharmaceuticals Using Graphite-PVC Composite Electrode

Zainab H. Mussa, Fouad F. Al-Qaim, Zahraa H. Alqaim, Jalifah Latip

Pages: 811-820

Medicinal Plants Extracts Impact on Oxidative Stress in Mice Brain Under the Physiological Conditions: the Effects of Corn Silk, Parsley, and Bearberry

Marijana Vranješ, Dubravka Štajner, Dejan Vranješ, Bojana Blagojevic, Ksenija Pavlović, Dubravka Milanov, Boris M. Popović

Pages: 896-903

Determination of Some Elements in Legumes Using ICP-MS and EDXRF Methodology Applications

Lovro Sinkovič, Marijan Nečemer, Barbara Pipan, Vladimir Meglič

Pages: 913-920

Biomedical applications

Development and Evaluation of Lyophilized Methotrexate Nanosuspension using Quality by Design Approach

Trupti Ashok Powar, Ashok Ananda Hajare, Ravindra Jarag, Sopan Nangare

Pages: 861-881

Lomustine Incorporated Lipid Nanostructures Demonstrated Preferential Anticancer Properties in C6 Glioma Cell Lines with Enhanced Pharmacokinetic Profile in Mice

Bhabani Sankar Satapathy, Ladi Alik Kumar, Gurudutta Pattnaik, Binapani Barik

Pages: 970-982

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Synthesis of Adenine-based Fluorescent and Naked-eye Chemosensors: Specific DNA Probes for The Detection of Bacterial Pathogens

Burak Şener, Ömür Baysal, Said Nadeem, Ragıp Soner Silme

Pages: 781-790

Selective Removal of Sodium Ions from Aqueous Media Using Effective Adsorbents: Optimization by RSM and Genetic Algorithm

Lei Yao, Chao Hong, Hani Dashtifard, Hossein Esmaeili

Pages: 791-803

Experimental Studies on the Removal of Aluminium Ions from Synthetic Aqueous Solution by Hydroxyapatites

Doina Humelnicu, Inga Zinicovscaia, Ionel Humelnicu, Maria Ignat

Pages: 821-832

The Removal of Binary Mixture of Dyes by Heterogeneous Fenton Oxidation: Kinetics, Product Identification and Toxicity Assessment

John Elisa Kumar, Tsungom Mulai, Wanshanlang Kharmawphlang, Rajeshwar Nath Sharan, Mihir Kumar Sahoo

Pages: 833-848

QSAR Studies and Structure Property/Activity Relationships Applied in Pyrazine Derivatives as Antiproliferative Agents Against the BGC823

Fatima Soualmia, Salah Belaidi, Noureddine Tchouar, Touhami Lanez, Samia Boudergua, Touhami Lanez, Samia Boudergua

Pages: 882-895

Statistical Optimization of As(V) Adsorption Parameters onto Epichlorohydrin/Fe3O4 Crosslinked Chitosan Derivative Nanocomposite using Box-Behnken Design

Vijayanand Nagarajan, Raja Ganesan, Srinivasan Govindan, Prabha Govind

Pages: 997-1007

General chemistry

Reactivity of Microcrystalline Cellulose with Methyltrimethoxysilane and 3-(2-Aminoethylamino)propyltrimethoxysilane

Przemysław Pietras, Hieronim Maciejewski, Bartłomiej Mazela

Pages: 849-860

Chemical Education

Developing Students’ Problem-solving Skills Using Learning Tasks: An Action Research Project in Secondary School

Martina Tóthová, Martin Rusek

Pages: 1016-1026

Inorganic chemistry

Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Urease Inhibition of 4-Bromo-N'-(1-(pyridin-2-yl)ethylidene)benzohydrazide and Its Dinuclear Copper(II) Complex

Hui Zhao, Xiu-Rui Liu, Xue Wang, Jing Hu, Ya-Jun Cai, Qi-An Peng

Pages: 804-810

Synthesis and Spectral Studies of Some Homo Dinuclear Lanthanide(III) Complexes of a Mesogenic Schiff Base

Prem Kumar Shrestha, Pawan Raj Shakya

Pages: 904-912

Zinc Complexes Derived from 5-Bromo-2-(((2-isopropylamino)ethyl)imino)methyl)phenol: Microwave-Assisted Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structures and Antibacterial Activities

Wei-Guang Zhang, Ji-Hong Liang

Pages: 921-929

Synthesis of CuO by Electrospinning Method for Sensing of Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide Gases

Abdollah Fallah Shojaei, Parisa Fallah Komsari

Pages: 945-954

Dehydrogenation of 1-Phenylethanol Catalyzed by Nickel(II)diphosphine Complexes

Reshma Geetha, Meenu Kumar, Naveen V. Kulkarni, William D. Jones

Pages: 955-960

Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structures of Schiff Base Copper Complexes with Urease Inhibitory Activity

Shuang Han, Yuan Wang

Pages: 961-969

Synthesis, Characterization, X-Ray Crystal Structures and Antibacterial Activity of Cobalt(III) Complexes Derived from 5-Bromo-2-((2-(phenylamino)ethylimino)methyl)phenol

Cheng Liu

Pages: 983-989

Syntheses, Characterization, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Activity of Schiff Base Copper(II) Complexes Derived from 2-Bromo-6-((2-(isopropylamino)ethylimino)methyl)phenol

Yong Yuan, Xi-Kun Lu, Gao-Qi Zhou, Xiao-Yang Qiu

Pages: 1008-1015

Organic chemistry

Some Nitrogen Rich Energetic Material Synthesis by Nucleophilic Substitution Reaction from Polynitro Aromatic Compounds

Kübra Gürpınar, Yaprak Gürsoy Tuncer, Ş. Betül Sopacı, M. Abdulkadir Akay, Hasan Nazır, Ingrid Svoboda, Orhan Atakol, Emine Kübra İnal

Pages: 930-944

Novel Structural Hybrids of Pyrrole and Thiazole Moieties: Synthesis and Evaluation of Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities

Mohamed Salem, Samir Abbas, Marwa El-Sharief, Mohamed Helal, Moustafa Gouda, Mohammed Assiri, Mohammed Assiri, Tarik Ali, Tarik Ali

Pages: 990-996

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Pages: S109-S122