Year 2020, Vol. 67, No. 4

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Year 2020, Vol. 67, No. 4
Editor-in-Chief: Ksenija Kogej
Web Release Date: 15. 12. 2020

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Feature article

Plastics in Heritage Collections: Poly(vinyl chloride) Degradation and Characterization

Tjaša Rijavec, Matija Strlič, Irena Kralj Cigić

Pages: 993-1013

Analytical chemistry

Differential Pulse Anodic Voltammetric Determination of Chlorzoxazone in Pharmaceutical Formulation using Carbon Paste Electrode

Sayed I. M Zayed, Yousry M Issa

Pages: 1053-1060

Removal of Trihalomethanes from Water using Modified Montmorillonite

Majid Hamouni Haghighat, Ali Mohammad-Khah

Pages: 1072-1081

Determination of Morin and Quercetin in Fruit Juice Samples using Air-Assisted Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Based on Solidification of Floating Organic Droplet and HPLC-UV

Armin Fallah, Mohammadreza Hadjmohammadi

Pages: 1092-1099

Development and validation of RP–HPLC method for estimation of curcumin from nanocochleates and its application in in–vivo pharmacokinetic study

Sameer Nadaf, Suresh Killedar

Pages: 1100-1110

Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Semi-Microextraction of Сu(II) with 6,7-dihydroxy-2,4-diphenylbenzopyrylium Chloride for its Spectrophotometric Determination

Alexander Chebotarev, Anastasiia Klochkova, Vitaliy Dubovyi, Denys Snigur

Pages: 1118-1123

Determination of Camelina Oil Sterol Composition and Its Application for Authenticity Studies

Zala Kolenc, Tanja Potočnik, Urban Bren, Iztok Jože Košir

Pages: 1163-1171

Rapid and Sensitive Analytical Method for the Determination of Insulin in Liposomes by Reversed-Phase HPLC

Eliete de Souza Von Zuben, Josimar Oliveira Eloy, Victor Hugo Sousa Araujo, Maria Palmira Daflon Gremião, Marlus Chorilli

Pages: 1273-1280

Applied chemistry

Ruthenium Oxide Hexacyanoferrate as an Effective Electrode Modifier for Amperometric Detection of Iodate and Hydrogen Peroxide

Totka Dodevska, Ivan Shterev, Yanna Lazarova, Dobrin Hadzhiev

Pages: 1216-1226

Ammoniacal Carbonate Leaching: Effect of Dissolved Sulfur in the Distillation Operation

Armando Rojas Vargas, María Elena Trujillo Nieves, Yudith González Diaz

Pages: 1239-1249

Biomedical applications

Influence of TiO2 on Mucosal Permeation of Aceclofenac: Analysis of Crystal Strain and Dislocation Density

Souvik Nandi, Satyaki Aparajit Mishra, Rudra Narayan Sahoo, Rakesh Swain, Subrata Mallick

Pages: 1227-1232

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Assessment of Interaction of Human OCT 1-3 Proteins and Metformin using Silico Analyses

Faruk Berat Akçeşme, Nail Beşli, Jorge Peña-García, Horacio Pérez-Sánchez

Pages: 1202-1215

Assessment of the Interaction of Aggregatin Protein with Amyloid-Beta (Aβ) at the Molecular Level via In Silico Analysis

Nail Besli, Guven Yenmis

Pages: 1262-1272

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

GO/PAMAM as a High Capacity Adsorbent for Removal of Alizarin Red S: Selective Separation of Dyes

Mohammad Rafi, Babak Samiey, Chil-hung Cheng

Pages: 1124-1138

Epoxy Functionalized Carboxymethyl Dextran Magnetic Nanoparticles for Immobilization of Alcohol Dehydrogenase

Katja Vasić, Željko Knez, Sanjay Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Pandey, Maja Leitgeb

Pages: 1172-1179

Effects of Extraction Methods and Conditions on Bioactive Compounds Extracted from Phaeodactylum tricornutum

Saniye Akyıl, Işıl İlter, Mehmet Koç, Zeliha Demirel, Ayşegül Erdoğan, Meltem Conk- Dalay, Figen Kaymak-Ertekin

Pages: 1250-1261

General chemistry

Elaboration of Lamellar and Nanostructured Materials Based on Manganese: Efficient Adsorbents for Removing Heavy Metals

Amina Amarray, Sanae El Ghachtouli, Mohammed Ait Himi, Mohamed Aqil, Khaoula Khaless, Younes Brahmi, Mouad Dahbi, Mohammed Azzi

Pages: 1180-1195

Chemical Education

Obalni ekosistemi na prehodu: Primerjalna analiza severnega Jadrana in Zaliva Chesapeake

Jadran Faganeli, Alenka Malej

Pages: S89-S97

Obiski Rosalind Franklin v Sloveniji

Marko Dolinar

Pages: S98-S105

Inorganic chemistry

Crystal Structure and Photophysical Properties of a Novel Dy-Hg Isonicotinic Acid Compound with One-Dimensional Chain-Like Cations

Wen-Tong Chen

Pages: 1111-1117

Cu(I) Arylsulfonate π-Complexes with 3-Allyl-2-thiohydantoin: The Role of the Weak Interactions in Structural Organization

Andrii Fedorchuk, Evgeny Goreshnik, Yurii Slyvka, Marian Mys’kiv

Pages: 1148-1154

Synthesis, Characterization, Crystal Structures, and Urease Inhibition of Copper(II) and Zinc(II) Complexes Derived from Benzohydrazones

Fu-Ming Wang, Li-Jie Li, Guo-Wei Zang, Tong-Tong Deng, Zhong-Lu You

Pages: 1155-1162

Synthesis, Crystal Structures, Characterization and Catalytic Property of Manganese(II) Complexes Derived from Hydrazone Ligands

Yao Tan

Pages: 1233-1238

Two Vanadium(V) Complexes Derived from Bromo and Chloro-Substituted Hydrazone Ligands: Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Property

Zi-Qiang Sun, Shun-Feng Yu, Xin-Lan Xu, Xiao-Yang Qiu, Shu-Juan Liu

Pages: 1281-1289

Four Different Crystalline Products from One Reaction: Unexpected Diversity of Products of the CuCl2 Reaction with N-(2-Pyridyl)thiourea

Sara Tomšič, Janez Košmrlj, Andrej Pevec

Pages: 1290-1300

Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Antimicrobial Property of Schiff Base Copper(II) Complexes

Shun-Feng Yu, Xiao-Yang Qiu, Shu-Juan Liu

Pages: 1301-1308

Materials science

Visible Light-Driven Photocatalytic Activity of Magnetic Recoverable Ternary ZnFe2O4/rGO/g-C3N4 Nanocomposites

Martin Tsvetkov, Elzhana Encheva, Albin Pintar, Maria Milanova

Pages: 1082-1091

Study of Selected Morphologic, Structural and Optical Effects of Silver Coated CBD-CdS Thin Films

Angel Torres-Duarte, Horacio Pineda-Leon, Aned de Leon, Ramon Ochoa-Landin, Santos Castillo

Pages: 1196-1201

Organic chemistry

Synthesis of New Di- and Triamides as Potential Organocatalysts for Asymmetric Aldol Reaction in Water

Elif Keskin, Cigdem Yolacan, Feray Aydogan

Pages: 1014-1023

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some New Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine and Pyrazolo[1,5-c]triazine Derivatives Containing Sulfathiazole Moiety

Elsherbiny Hamdy El-Sayed, Ahmed Ali Fadda, Ahmed Mohamed El-Saadaney

Pages: 1024-1034

Synthesis, Molecular Docking and Biological Properties of Novel Thiazolo[4,5-b]pyridine derivatives

Taras I. Chaban, Julia E. Matiychuk, Olga Ya. Shyyka, Ihor G. Chaban, Volodymyr V. Ogurtsov, Ihor A. Nektegayev, Vasyl S. Matiychuk

Pages: 1035-1043

Highly Active and Reusable Cu/C Catalyst for Synthesis of 5-Substituted 1H-Tetrazoles Starting from Aromatic Aldehydes

Reza Khalifeh, Najme Rastegar, Dariush Khalili

Pages: 1044-1052

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Novel Pyrane Glycosides

Avula Sri Nivas, Malladi Sun Itha, Sriramoju Sha Mili

Pages: 1061-1071

Design, Synthesis and Biological Screening of Novel 1,5-Diphenyl-3-(4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-2-pyrazoline Derivatives

Fatih Tok, Bedia Koçyiğit-Kaymakçıoğlu

Pages: 1139-1147

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Pages: S89-S116