Year 2020, Vol. 67, No. 3

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Year 2020, Vol. 67, No. 3
Editor-in-Chief: Ksenija Kogej
Web Release Date: 23. 9. 2020

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Review articles

G-Quadruplexes: Emerging Targets for the Structure-Based Design of Potential Anti-Cancer and Antiviral Therapies

Petar M Mitrasinovic

Pages: 683-700

Analytical chemistry

A Novel Electrochemical CuO-Nanostructure Platform for Simultaneous Determination of 6-thioguanine and 5-fluorouracil Anticancer Drugs

Masoud Fouladgar

Pages: 701-709

Low-level Electrochemical Analysis of Ketoconazole by Sepiolite Nanoparticles Modified Sensor in Shampoo Sample

Sevda Aydar, Dilek Eskiköy Bayraktepe, Hayati Filik, Zehra Yazan

Pages: 729-738

Ionic Liquid-Based Dispersive Liquid–Liquid Microextraction for the Simultaneous Determination of Carbamazepine and Lamotrigine in Biological Samples

Salumeh Ranjbar, Ameneh Porgham Daryasari, Mojtaba Soleimani

Pages: 748-756

A New Reagent for Spectrophotometric Determination of Ir(IV): 5-[2-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)hydrazineylidene]-4-iminothiazolidin-2-one (HPIT)

Oleksandr Tymoshuk, Lesia Oleksiv, Orest Fedyshyn, Petro Rydchuk, Vasyl Matiychuk, Taras Chaban

Pages: 970-976

Arsenic in Sediments, Soil and Plants in a Remediated Area of the Iron Quadrangle, Brazil, and its Accumulation and Biotransformation in Eleocharis geniculata

Maria Angela de B.C. Menezes, Ingrid Falnoga, Zdenka Šlejkovec, Radojko Jaćimovič, Nilton Couto, Eleonora Deschamps, Jadran Faganeli

Pages: 985-991

Applied chemistry

Metoprolol: New and Efficient Corrosion Inhibitor for Mild Steel in Hydrochloric and Sulfuric Acid Solutions

Fatemeh Mohammadinejad, seyyed mohammad ali hosseini, Mehdi Shahidi Zandi, Mohammad Javad Bahrami, Zahra Golshani

Pages: 710-719

Dynamics of Isomerization of Hop Alpha-Acids and Transition of Hop Essential Oil Components in Beer

Miha Ocvirk, Iztok Jože Košir

Pages: 720-728

Prediction of Biological Activities, Structural Investigation and Theoretical Studies of meta-cyanobenzyl Substituted Benzimidazolium Salts

Duygu Barut Celepci, Aydın Aktaş

Pages: 830-841

Biomedical applications

Synthesis and Evaluation on Anticonvulsant and Antidepressant Activities of Naphthoquinone Derivatives Containing Pyrazole and Pyrimidine Fragments

Nataliia Polish, Mariia Nesterkina, Nataliia Marintsova, Andriy Karkhut, Iryna Kravchenko, Volodymyr Novikov, Andrei Khairulin

Pages: 934-939

Prediction of Single Point Mutations in Human Coronavirus and Their Effects on Binding to 9-O-Acetylated Sialic Acid and Hidroxychloroquine

Petar M Mitrasinovic

Pages: 949-956

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Voltammetric Determination of Sulfaclozine Sodium at Sephadex-modified Carbon Paste Electrode

Emad Mohamed Hussien, Hanaa Saleh, Magda El Henawee, Afaf Abou El Khair, Neven Ahmed

Pages: 757-763

Quantum Mechanics/Molecular Mechanics Study on Caspase-2 Recognition by Peptide Inhibitors

Petar M Mitrasinovic

Pages: 876-884

Antimüllerian Hormone and Oxidative Stress Biomarkers as Predictors of Successful Preg-nancy in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Endometriosis and Tubal Infertility Factor

Teja Fabjan, Eda Vrtačnik Bokal, Irma Virant Klun, Jure Bedenk, Kristina Kumer, Joško Osredkar

Pages: 885-895

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Alternative to Conventional Edible Oil Sources: Cold Pressing and Supercritical CO2 Extraction of Plum (Prunus Domestica L.)

Jelena Vladic, Aleksandra Gavaric, Stela Jokic, Nika Pavlovic, Tihomir Moslavac, Ljiljana Popovic, Ana Matias, Alexandre Agostinho, Marija Banozic, Senka Vidovic

Pages: 778-784

Effects of Amino Acids on the Crystallization of Calcium Tartrate Tetrahydrate

Sevgi Polat, Elif Aytan-Goze, Perviz Sayan

Pages: 842-852

Chemical Education

Students’ Achievements in Solving Authentic Tasks with 3D Dynamic Sub-Microscopic Animations About Specific States of Water and their Transition

Miha Slapničar, Valerija Tompa, Saša A. Glažar, Iztok Devetak, Jerneja Pavlin

Pages: 904-915

Inorganic chemistry

Structural Diversity in Oxadiazole-Containing Silver Complexes Dependent on the Anions

Long Zhao, Long-Yan Xie, Xiu-Li Du, Kai Zheng, Ting Xie, Rui-Rui Huang, Jie Qin, Jian-Ping Ma, Li-Hong Ding

Pages: 822-829

Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Catalytic Property of Dioxidomolybdenum(VI) Complexes with Tridentate Hydrazones

Xiao-Qiang Luo, Yong-Jun Han, Ling-Wei Xue

Pages: 853-859

Synthesis and X-Ray Crystal Structures of Trinuclear Nickel(II) Complexes Derived from Schiff Bases and Acetate Ligands with Biological Activity

Jin-Long Hou, Hong-Yuan Wu, Cheng-Bin Sun, Ye Bi, Wei Chen

Pages: 860-865

Syntheses, Crystal Structures and Catalytic Property of Oxidovanadium(V) Complexes Derived from Tridentate Hydrazone Ligands

Ya-Jun Cai, Yuan-Yuan Wu, Fei Pan, Qi-An Peng, Yong-Ming Cui

Pages: 896-903

Cyanide-Bridged Polynuclear and One-Dimensional FeIII-MnIII/II Bimetallic Complexes Based-on Pentacyanoferrite(III) Building Block: Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Magnetic Properties

Xiaoyun Hao, Yong Dou, Tong Cao, Lan Qin, Zhen Zhou, Lu Yang, Dacheng Li, Qingyun Liu, Yueyun Li, Daopeng Zhang

Pages: 916-926

Synthesis, Crystal Structures and Catalytic Property of Oxidovanadium(V) Complexes with N'-(4-Oxopentan-2-ylidene)nicotinohydrazide and 4-Bromo-N'-(4-oxopentan-2-ylidene)benzohydrazide

Qiwen Yang, Pu Wang, Yan Lei

Pages: 927-933

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Application of Ppyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine Based Organometallic Re(I) Complexes

Reena R. Varma, Juhee G. Pandya, Foram U. Vaidya, Chandramani Pathak, Bhupesh S. Bhatt, Mohan N. Patel

Pages: 957-969

Materials science

Phase Equilibria in the Ag2Te-PbTe-Sb2Te3 System and Thermodynamic Properties of the (2PbTe)1-x(AgSbTe2)x Solid Solutions

Leyla Farhad Mashadiyeva, Shabnam Hamlet Mansimova, Dunya Mahammad Babanly, Yusif Amirali Yusibov, Dilqam Babir Tagiyev, Mahammad Baba Babanly

Pages: 799-811

Organic chemistry

The Effect of Hydrogen Bonding and Azomethine Group Orientation on Liquid Crystal Properties in Benzylidene Aniline Compounds

Abdullah Hussein Kshash

Pages: 739-747

Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activity of Some Dithiourea Derivatives

Felix Odame, Eric Hosten, Jason Krause, Michelle Isaacs, Heinrich Hoppe, Setshaba D Khanye, Yasien Sayed, Carminita Frost, Kevin Lobb, Zenixole Tshentu

Pages: 764-777

Sulfonamide Derived Esters: Synthesis, Characterization, Density Functional Theory and Biological Evaluation through Experimental and Theoretical Approach

Muhammad Danish, Ayesha Bibi, Muhammad A Raza, Nadia Noreen, Muhammad Nadeem Arshad, Mohamed A Aisri

Pages: 785-798

Study on the Synthesis and Biological Activities of N-Alkylated Deoxynojirimycin Derivatives with a Terminal Tertiary Amine

Lin Wang, Zhijie Fang

Pages: 812-821

Molybdic Acid-Functionalized Nano-Fe3O4@TiO2 as a Novel and Magnetically Separable Catalyst for the Synthesis of Coumarin-Containing Sulfonamide Derivatives

Jamileh Etemad Gholtash, Mahnaz Farahi, Bahador Karami, Mahsa Abdollahi

Pages: 866-875

A Simple and Effective Synthesis of 3- and 4-((Phenylcarbamoyl)oxy)benzoic Acids

Urban Košak, Stanislav Gobec

Pages: 940-948

Physical chemistry

The influence of ionic liquids on micellization of sodium dodecyl sulfate in aqueous solutions

Bojan Šarac, Marija Bešter-Rogač

Pages: 977-984



Pages: S79-S84