Year 2019, Vol. 66, No. 1

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Year 2019, Vol. 66, No. 1
Editor-in-Chief: Ksenija Kogej
Guest editors: Vito Turk, Borut Štrukelj, Aleš Berlec
Web Release Date: 15. februar 2019

Dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Igor Kregar.

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Dedicated to the memory of the late Prof. Dr. Igor Kregar (1937–2017)

Vito Turk

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Characteristics, Structure, and Biological Role of Stefins (Type-1 Cystatins) of Human, Other Mammals, and Parasite Origin

Vito Turk, Dušan Turk, Iztok Dolenc and Veronika Stoka

Pages: 5–17

Biochemistry and molecular biology

Surface Anchoring on Lactococcus lactis by Covalent Isopeptide Bond

Tina Vida Plavec and Aleš Berlec

Pages: 18–27

ß-Trefoil Protease Inhibitors Unique to Higher Fungi

Jerica Sabotič, Miha Renko and Janko Kos

Pages: 28–36

Characterization of Legumain Degradome Confirms Narrow Cleavage Specificity

Robert Vidmar, Matej Vizovišek, Dušan Turk, Boris Turk, and Marko Fonović

Pages: 50–57

The Titre of the Virus in the Inoculum Affects the Titre of the Viral RNA in the Host Plant and the Occurrence of the Disease Symptoms

Maruša Pompe-Novak, Maja Križnik and Kristina Gruden

Pages: 45–49

Epitope Mapping of Major Ragweed Allergen Amb a 1

Abida Zahirović, Borut Štrukelj, Peter Korošec and Mojca Lunder

Pages: 37–44

Analytical chemistry

Spectrophotometric Determination of Ru(IV) Using 5-Hydroxyimino-4-imino-1,3-thiazolidin-2-one as a Novel Analytical Reagent

Oleksandr Tymoshuk, Lesia Oleksiv, Liudmyla Khvalbota, Taras Chaban and Ihor Patsay

Pages: 62–69

Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe with Mass Spectrometry for Chlorpyrifos and Chlorpyrifos-Oxon Determination in Apples

Mirjana R. Cvijović, Valerio Di Marco, Srboljub J. Stanković, Zoran P. Nedić, Ljubinka G. Joksović and Nevena R. Mihailović

Pages: 70–77

Organic chemistry

Synthesis, Anti-Inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Novel 3H-Thiazolo[4,5-b]Pyridines

Taras I. Chaban, Volodymyr V. Ogurtsov, Vasyl S. Matiychuk, Ihor G. Chaban, Inna L. Demchuk and Ihor A. Nektegayev

Pages: 103–111

Materials science

Dawson-Type Polyoxometalate Incorporated into Nanoporous MIL-101(Cr): Preparation, Characterization and Application for Ultrafast Removal of Organic Dyes

Afsoon Jarrah and Saeed Farhadi

Pages: 85–102

Analytical chemistry

Solid-Phase Extraction Method by Magnetic Nanoparticles Functionalized with Murexide for Trace U(VI) from Sea Water Prior to Spectrophotometric Determination

Tülay Oymak

Pages: 78–84

Physical chemistry

A Novel Environmentally Friendly Synergistic Mixture for Steel Corrosion Inhibition in 0.51 M NaCl

Stojan Božović, Sanja Martinez and Veselinka Grudić

Pages: 112–122

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Adsorptive Removal of Fluoride from Aqueous Solution by Biogenic Iron Permeated Activated Carbon Derived from Sweet Lime Waste

Mohd. Ibrahim, Adil Siddique, Lata Verma, Jiwan Singh and Janardhan Reddy Koduru

Pages: 123–136

Physical chemistry

Investigation of the Electrochemical Reduction Process of the Molybdate Ions in the Tartaric Electrolytes

Vusala Asim Majidzade, Akif Shikhan Aliyev, Dunya Mahammad Babanly, Mahmood Elrouby and Dilgam Babir Tagiyev

Pages: 155–162

Organic chemistry

Directed Search of Biologically Active Compounds Among Hydrogenated Isoindolylalkyl(alkylaryl-,aryl-)carboxylic acids with Quinazoline Fragment that Modify the Carbohydrate Metabolism: Design, Synthesis and Modification

Yulya Victorivna Martynenko, Oleksii Mykolayovich Antypenko, Olexandr Anatolievich Brazhko, Irina Borisivna Labenska, Sergii Ivanovich Kovalenko

Pages: 145–154

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Fabrication of Silver-Modified Halloysite Nanotubes and their Catalytic Performance in Rhodamine 6G and Methyl Orange Reduction

Maryam Akhondi and Effat Jamalizadeh

Pages: 136–144

Analytical chemistry

Kinetic-Spectrophotometric Determination of Thiocyanate in Human Saliva Based on Landolt Effect in Presence of Astrafloxine FF

Alexander Chebotarev, Vitaliy Dubovyi, Dmytro Barbalat, Elena Guzenko, Kateryna Bevziuk and Denys Snigur

Pages: 163–167

Inorganic chemistry

Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a Polymeric Copper(II) Complex Derived from 2-Hydroxy-5- methylbenzaldehyde Oxime with Antibacterial Activities

Ya-Li Sang and Xue-Song Lin

Pages: 168–172

Synthesis, Crystal Structures, and Antimicrobial Activity of Zinc(II) and Manganese(II) Complexes Derived from N’-(1-(Pyridin-2-yl)Ethylidene)Isonicotinohydrazide

Ling-Wei Xue, Hui-Jie Zhang and Pan-Pan Wang

Pages: 190–195

Physical chemistry

Voltammetric Investigation of Inclusion Complexes of the Selected Succinimides with ß-Cyclodextrin and (2-Hydroxypropyl)-ß-Cyclodextrin

Jelena Lović, Milka Avramov Ivić, Bojan Božić, Jelena Lađarević and Dušan Mijin

Pages: 182–189

Materials science

Density Functional Approach: To Study Copper Sulfide Nanoalloy Clusters

Prabhat Ranjan and Tanmoy Chakraborty

Pages: 173–181

Inorganic chemistry

Evaluation of DNA/BSA Binding and Chemical Nuclease Activity of L-Tyrosine-Based Mn(III) and Fe(III) Metallo-Intercalators

Biju Bennie Rajaretnam, Joel Chellappa, Daniel Abraham Solomon, Iyyam Pillai Subramanian and Theodore David Manickam Selvanayagam

Pages: 196–207

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Adsorption of Cr (III) and Cd (II) Ions using Mesoporous Cobalt-Ferrite Nanocomposite from Synthetic Wastewater

Iman Khoshkerdar and Hossein Esmaeili

Pages: 208–216

Analytical chemistry

Development of a Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction Followed by LC-MS/MS for Determination of Benzotriazoles in Environmental Waters

Ida Kraševec and Helena Prosen

Pages: 247–254

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Determination of Dissolved Iron Redox Species in Freshwater Sediment using DGT Technique Coupled to BDS

Hanna Budasheva, Aleksander Kravos, Dorota Korte, Arne Bratkič, Yue Gao and Mladen Franko

Pages: 239–246

Physical chemistry

Characterization and Atmospheric Implication of Hydrotrioxy Radical-Water-Methylamine-Formic Acid-Sulphuric Acid Complexes

Matjaž Dlouhy and Antonija Lesar

Pages: 229–238

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

Release of Halophilic Extremozymes by Mechanical Cell Disruption

Mateja Primožič, Maja Čolnik, Željko Knez, and Maja Leitgeb

Pages: 217–228

Chemical, biochemical and environmental engineering

My Times with Professor Igor Kregar and some Hydrolytic Enzymes

Karl J. Kramer

Pages: 1–4

Biochemistry and molecular biology

The Carboxypeptidase Activity of Cathepsin X is not Controlled by Endogenous Inhibitors

Urša Pečar Fonović, Milica Perišić Nanut, Nace Zidar, Brigita Lenarčič and Janko Kos

Pages: 58–61