Establishment of a Section for the Environment within Slovenian Chemical Society

Within the Slovenian Chemical Society (, a new Section for the Environment has been established, of which main mission is to promote cooperation, networking and exchange of experience between experts from various fields of chemistry dealing with environmental issues, in order to raise public awareness in understanding current environmental issues and events. The aim of the Section will also be a promotion of the proper use of chemistry to evaluate and solve environmental issues and to address important aspects of environmental chemistry that need regulation. In addition, the Section for the Environment will encourage integration of new contents from the field of environmental chemistry into educational system and cooperation with international environmental organizations.

The position of the president of the Section for the Environment has been taken over by dr. Marko Štrok (, and the position of the assistant and secretary by dr. Janja Vidmar (, both researchers from the Department of Environmental Sciences, Jožef Stefan Institute.

On this occasion, we would like to invite all experts from different fields of chemistry who are interested in environmental issues to join and actively participate in the Section for the Environment. At the same time, we would like to invite students of the environmental research fields to participate in this year’s Slovenian Chemical Society Annual Meeting ( where the newly established Section for the Environment will also be present.