Acta Chimica Slovenica received the DOAJ Seal

Acta Chimica Slovenica received the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals) Seal as the first Slovenian scientific journal. The DOAJ Seal is given to journals that adhere to best practices in open access publishing. The criteria for awarding the seal are accessibility, openness, reuse and author rights. Authors of articles published in Acta Chimica Slovenica (ACSi) retain copyrights for their publications and may share and reuse their results free of charge, provided that the original publication in ACSi is correctly cited. All articles in ACSi are published under an open Creative Commons (CC BY) license.

In addition to the ACSi’s Editorial board, the stuff of the Central Technical Library of the University of Ljubljana  participated in the efforts to obtain the DOAJ Seal. Congratulations!